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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Rename "union" to "select"?
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2004 15:59:53 GMT
You have seen this discussion before, but we delayed making
a decision until the code entered CVS and more people had a
chance to examine and use it.  For an example, see the Form
Model GUI sample from the Woody sample page.

The "union" widget was named after a "C" language construct,
but no longer completely matches normal "C" union semantics,
which would imply that the alternate values are overlaid in
the the same location, whereas this widget remembers all of
the alternative widgets it has held over time (we will want
support selective amnesia in the future).

Since the semantics no longer match, I think we need a name
change.  We could copy Java's "switch" syntax or choose the
(IMHO) more intuitive name "select", as in "select case...".

--Tim Larson

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