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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject Re: [Chaperon] Wrestling with the latest changes in the block
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:48:10 GMT
Am Do, den 22.01.2004 schrieb Nicola Ken Barozzi um 13:14:
> Somehow with the last Cocoon update in Forrest the wiki support from 
> chaperon has broken, and this is a problem as almost all of the 
> Incubator site is done in .cwiki.
> So when I saw the last commits on the chaperon block I tried the new 
> version. Here are some points I found that are bugging me:
> 1 - the wiki syntax for headings changed, as more '!'s now mean
>      a smaller title, while the Cocoon wiki says:
>      "!, !!, !!! Start a line with an exclamation mark (!) to
>        make a heading. More exclamation marks mean bigger headings."
>      If nobody objects I'll revert this behaviour.

No objections. I used this behaviour for my own webapp.

> 2 - the wiki2xdoc.xsl template does not add the usual xdoc main
>      tags, and this makes it unusable as a "block".
>      Any reason why not to revert this?

Again, not objections.

> 3 - the error reporting is nice, but for Forrest I need that all
>      errors go through the handle-errors, so that it gets actually
>      counted as such. ATM it seems that usual errors are handled in the
>      main wiki pipeline. I tried putting @failsafe="false", but to
>      no avail.
>      How can I make all parsing/lexing errors get thrown to
>      handle-errors?

Simple remove of the "failsafe" option, then the pipeline fails
if an error occured.


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