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From Rob Adams <>
Subject Class unloading
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2004 22:00:56 GMT
According to Sun, in Java 1.2 and above classes can only be unloaded if
the ClassLoader used to load them is not reachable, i.e. the classloader
used to load them is garbage collected.  Classes loaded with the System
ClassLoader can never be garbage collected.

We have a cocoon site with a very large number of xsps (like 1400 of
them) and the memory required to hold all these classes is memory is too
much.  We would need, therefore, some sort of MRU-based class unloader
scheme whereby classes less recently used would have their classloaders
freed so that the classes themselves could be garbage collected.  This
would require a thin wrapper around the System classloader implementing
the ClassLoader interface, as well as some sort of a meta-classloader
infrastructure through which classes would actually be loaded, and which
would monitor the JVM memory resources and remove references to
classloaders, as well as a way of maintaining an MRU list of resources.

Cocoon must already implement much of this infrastructure since most of
that would already be required simply to reload classes.  I would
expect, therefore, that all that would really be required would be the
MRU list and the system monitoring to implement this.

My question to the cocoon devs is then: it is possible already in cocoon
to use such an unloading scheme, and if not where in the code would be
the best place to start to implement it.

Rob Adams
On-Site Manager, Inc.

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