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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [cforms] New Repeater Binding Semantics (was Re: CocoonForms simple-repeater binding sample?)
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 16:10:03 GMT
Marc Portier wrote:

> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> <snip />
>>>> I was attempting and failing to bind to an XML document.  The load 
>>>> worked, but the save gave the exception.
>>> Sylvain?
>>> I know Sylvain created this:

>>> exactly to cater for the automatic creation (factory) of DOMNodes 
>>> triggered from jxpath createPath statements...
>>> But I have to admit I can't find where that thingy gets registered 
>>> on the jxpath context (too much relying on the advanced search of 
>>> eclipse?)
>> Sorry, I'm very late on all this.
>> Actually, there's currently no use of this class in Cocoon samples, 
>> but I use it on my projects. Here's how: in the flow, I don't 
>> load/save the DOM directly, but through a JXPathContext as follows;
>>  var doc = readDocument(url);
>>  var bindingCtx = createBindingContext(doc);
>>  form.load(bindingCtx);
>>  form.showForm("pipeline");
>> And here's the createBindingContext function:
>> function createBindingContext(document) {
>>   // Create a JXPath context on the document.
>>   var xpathContext = 
>>   // Set it to lenient
>>   xpathContext.setLenient(true);
>>   // Add the necessary factory create elements and attributes as 
>> needed on non-existing paths
>>   xpathContext.setFactory(new 
>>   return xpathContext;
>> }
> Thx for explaining!
>> Having to explain how this work yesterday during a training, I felt 
>> that it should be better hidden in the binding machinery, since this 
>> is somehow needed every time we bind a form do a DOM (unless the DOM 
>> already contains the whole XML structure).
>> So what about adding this into the AbstractJXPathBinding: if the 
>> object passed to load/save is a Node, then add the DOMFactory 
>> automatically.
> Makes sense!
> (that is were I was looking for the registration in the first place :-))
> Only thing to look out for is the possible combination with the 
> insert-node binding? (haven't checked yet how jxpath handles multiple 
> registries)

We may create a child JXPathContext in InsertNodeJXPathBinding to avoid 
overriding the DOMFactory, but I'm wondering if using a factory is 
needed at all in InsertNode: isn't a simple "appendChild" enough?

i.e. Node node = 

> On a side-note: isn't the utility class a more natural addition to 
> jxpath (in the long run?)

Sure, we may contribute it. But there's still a problem that needs to be 
fixed, which is that it fails to create an attribute whose owner element 
doesn't exist.

> And finally:
> I'm taking it you are quite ok with the rest of the proposal?
> (just wanted to check)

Basically, I'm ok with having the two kinds of binding sharing a similar 
syntax (on-bind, on-insert, etc), but I'm not sure merging them in a 
single binding is a good idea, as apart "row-path" and "parent-path", 
their other attributes are very, very different.

So I would better be in favor of some more explicit names such as 
"delta-repeater" for "repeater" and "override-repeater" for 


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