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From Amaresh Wakkar <>
Subject Re: XSP not displaying text() nodes correctly..
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 08:58:25 GMT
The file which gets generated as a result of XSP 
transformation does not have the characters which I would like to see on 
my page..It only has code to create the elements in my xsp without the 
text() content...Does that mean something is stripping it off during the 
XSLT transformation(xsp.xsl??) or during during parsing???
I will try putting log transformer as you suggested...fingers crossed!!


>Hello Amaresh,

>you are really the first one having such a probem I guess, at least I 
>never heard of a similar case.

>Can you put a log transformer after the server pages generator and have 
>a look whether the character events are fired?


>On 01.12.2003 12:47, Amaresh Wakkar wrote:

> No luck with the samples either..I tried 
> cocoon-2.1.3\build\webapp\samples\xsp\java\hello.xsp and 
> simple.xsp....Same problem!! I tried changing XALAN to XSLTC..still no 
> joy...People have told me that it works with Tomcat but I want to get it 

> working on my environment..Tried to turn the logging on in DEBUG mode 
> without much success..
> Amaresh.
> ----- Forwarded by Amaresh Wakkar/UK/Contr/IBM on 01/12/2003 11:43 -----
>>Hi Everyone,
>>I am using cocoon-2.1 on Win2000 with Websphere5 and WSAD(websphere 
>>studio 5.0 using IBM Java 1.3.1 compatible VM).
>>Basically I am trying to get a simple XSP page working..
> Do the samples work?
> --
> Torsten

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