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Subject Offline Cocoon execution
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 15:21:25 GMT

I have some questions and I am hoping that one of you can point me in the
right direction.  I have been researching the Cocoon framework, and am
extremely interested in leveraging it to perform offline content
transformations.  We currently have 2 systems running, one is our main
application residing on a Solaris platform, the other is a document
assembly/transformation system that is running on a Microsoft platform
within a separate JVM.  My hope is to have Cocoon running within the
document assembly system.  Why is the assembly system on a Microsoft
platform?  The content management suite exists on these servers and they
have a ton of processing power that is not being utilized to the max.

Here are the thoughts on what I would like to accomplish:

Route all requests to the document assembly system through a Web Service
call.  The request would be to enter a particular transformation pipeline.

Our transformation pipelines require us to merge XML based content with
system data to generate merged PDF documents.

Once a document has been assembled, it is to be uploaded into a content
management system, then sent via email to the appropriate recipients.

I want to leverage the Cocoon Serializers and Generators that are part of
the framework, yet we are not looking to use the framework for dynamic web
page transformation/creation.  Should I be looking to use the CocoonBean
class?  Is there any documentation, tutorial, or mail archive I can look
through that could assist me?  Is Cocoon the right framework, or should I
be looking to create these assembly pipelines with Avalon?


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