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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject Compatibility Issues with 2.2
Date Thu, 04 Dec 2003 10:03:09 GMT
I'm a little bit concerned about compatibility between 2.1 and 2.2.
Now, imho every component developed for 2.1 should also work in
2.2 without requiring to change the code - recompiling is acceptable.
There are of course two exceptions to this rule:
a) if you are using deprecated code
b) if you are using some private code/internals that you shouldn't have 

Now with this great move to fortress we changed Composable to Serviceable
and Recyclable to Resettable. The first move (C-->S) has been done in
a compatible way as we introduced new abstract classes that replace
the "composable" abstract classes with "serviceable" versions.
That's ok.

But, the move from Recyclable to Resettable has not been done in this
way and will break a lot of components! E.g. AbstractXMLProcuder
has been changed from Recyclable to Resettable, so every component
inheriting from that one will break! That's bad.
I really think this move Recyclable to Resettable is nonsense. It
has no advantage (while Composable to Serviceable has). It's only
this "we need to choose the correct name" thing.
Now, Fortress must support Recyclable anyway - otherwise it'S not
compatible to ECM (I guess Fortress does so anyway), so I'm
+1 on still using Recyclable. This is a) more painless and
b) more compatible.



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