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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: Problem with CVS of Cocoon-Documentation & an AuthoringQuestion
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 12:03:13 GMT
David Crossley wrote:
> > > Another solution that came to my mind is pointing to a web URL like 
> > > This would also make 
> > > validating possible in editors that don't understand catalogues.
> >
> > this seems to be a good approach for me.
> Would it be acceptable to infrastructure@ apache? It is not just
> one simple DTD you are downloading, there are many included bits.
> I do not agree with the approach. Cocoon has encouraged people to
> use the entity resolver. We should not join their bad practice.
> A better solution might be to move away from DTDs. Oh drat, some
> editors only support DTDs ... foiled again.
> > I'm not sure, but I think
> > the forrest people have already put their dtds somewhere at
> > * Perhaps this as well?
> No, Forrest does use such URIs now, but there is deliberately
> no resource at the end of it. We encourage the use of proper
> tools, such as the catalog entity resolver.

Ok, you suggest using an entity resolver. Of course this is
a good solution, but you can't change/force tools to use it.
And a usable DTD needs a defined URI and at least a defined
place where to find this DTD (which could be the defined URI).
But only defining a URI and then saying, "get the DTD from
whereever you find, maybe CVS in directory bla/blub/xyz/..."
seems not very user friendly for me.

So, I think we should a) define a URI, b) place the dtd
at that URI and c) encourage to use the entity resolver;
but without steps a) and b), the whole thing doesn't make
sense for me.


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