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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [announce] cocoon graphic goodies
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:59:02 GMT
After receiving *7* private email for people asking me permissions to 
reuse the graphics in my GT2003 presentation, I decided to do a little 
effort myself and to make them available online.

Find them, along with all my other whitepapers (including the AC2003 
ones), at

and, more specifically


  /pictures/  contain the high-res pictures
  /drawings/ contain the drawings, both in PDF format and .graffle 
format, to be used with OmniGraffle (the drawing tool that comes with 
MacOSX... yes, another *big* reason to switch: OmniGraffle is the best 
graph drawing tool ever).

If you use those things, please, give back some credit. That's the only 
thing I ask.

If you want to consider including them into the cocoon documentation 
*PLEASE DO*, you don't need to give me credits for that in that case.

                                      - o -

For those OmniGraffle lovers, I created a "stencil" for cocoon sitemap 
drawing. Find it at

download and double-click, this will open up a stancil pane for you to 
drag-drop into your drawings. It works with both 2.2 (the one that 
comes with osx) and 3.0.x (the latest release).


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