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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Bugzilla as project management tool
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 08:58:31 GMT
Hi Reinhard,

Thanks very much for setting this up!
If people here "bite" (*and* do the underlying implementations ;-) I'm 
sure this will be a big help for project coordination.

Basically what you suggest is "if you're working on something it must 
be an issue in bugzilla" - I like this rule, it helps a lot in 
answering the "projects questions" that we discussed at the GT.

But as you say
> ...Of course nobody is forced to do anything but if you want to 
> support our
> initiative...

So hopefully people will use this and don't let it slip into the "good 
idea never used it" category. I'm optimistic;-)

But I think we must be careful about this:

> ... - if you want to comment on a certain issue don't use the mailing 
> list
>    but enter your comments directly into Bugzilla
>    (for software design e.g. the way we developed Blocks the mailing
>     list is still the way to go, at least IMHO)...

I know there is reluctance to move discussions from the mailing list to 
bugzilla, and having one more "discussion place" (besides lists, wiki 
and IRC) might fragment discussions.

Maybe we should:
a) Keep discussions on the list, unless they are very specific to a 
particular bugzilla issue.

By "very specific" I mean "of no interest to people who are not working 
on this issue". Hard to decide for sure, it's a question of balance. 
People can add themselves in CC to specific issues anyway if they want 
to be sure to follow the discussions.

b) Document in bugzilla the *outcome* of discussions, with links to the 
mail archives.
This is already happening and I like it, see issues 25286 and 25285 for 

c) In mailing list discussions, include the bugzilla issue number like 
[23454] for cross-referencing.

It is certainly hard to find a balance between "everything in the 
lists" and "everything in bugzilla", basically, what I suggest is "free 
talk on the lists" and "documented decisions in bugzilla".

 From what you wrote, I think you agree but wanted to make sure we're on 
the same page.


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