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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [OT] Mac Laptops
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 14:22:56 GMT
On 7 Dec 2003, at 11:12, John Morrison wrote:

> Hi All,
> Sorry for the off topic posting, but I've been thinking about
> upgrading my laptop and you guys have been saying how good
> the modern Macs are :)
> I was wondering if you'd tell me which Mac you have and
> whether you'd buy one again :)

Ohh... And the list starts. At home we have:

PowerBook 15" Alluminum 1.25 Ghz:
    my laptop, best ever... had problems with the screen
    (white spots) Apple replaced it no-question-asked
    in 48 hours almost 3 months after I bought it (oh,
    and I bought it in a completely different country,
    so international support _works_)

PowerMac G4 Dual/800 Mhz:
    my video editing machine at home. never had a problem
    it is up-and-running since 2 years no-stop, had to
    reboot it yesterday when I installed panther. uptime
    was 3 months

Cube G4 450 Mhz:
	I have this one since ages... Probably 4 years or
     something like that... I bought it at Fry's when I
     was still living in California. I never -ever- had
     a problem... Only drawback is the power button a little
     bit over sensitive (it's a light sensor), but once
     you get used to it, no problems...

At the office:

iMac 17" 800 Mhz:
	One of my latest toys, which I got because I was fed
     up with CRTs at work... It's not the fastest machine
     ever, but it's still able to compile Cocoon decently.

PowerMac G4 466 Mhz:
	Same as Apache's "MOOF", it's my personal intranet
     server (and dev machine)... Old fart, but working,
     never a problem...

xServe Dual/1.33 Ghz:
	We have one of those in the shop for testing... We
     need to upgrade our live web servers, and as far as
     my testing goes one of those babies is as fast as a
     4 processor Sun E-3500/450, and offers a wider data
     path. At the end of the day, a machine that costs
     roughly 5000 US$, beats the hell out of a machine
     that costs twice as much ONLY on yearly maintenance
     contracts. And you should see the Java performance
     on this one!!! We're probably going to get 3 of
     them in January...

At the end of the day, would I buy another one? Bhahaha! Guess! If you 
need to buy a laptop, however, make sure that if you buy a PowerBook 
15" Alluminum, it has the NEW screen already, so that it won't develop 
the famous "white spots"... The first batch of them had a defective 
screen, there must be some of them still in the retail chain...


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