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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Feature request votes (was Re: CocoonForms roadmap)
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 08:08:39 GMT
Le Lundi, 1 déc 2003, à 08:51 Europe/Zurich, Reinhard Poetz a écrit :
>> ...CocoonForms = need to to define a Component called
>> CocoonForms for the
>> "Cocoon 2" product in bugzilla.
> What do we need this for?

Defining a "Cocoon Forms" component of Cocoon allows you to mark issues 
as being specific to Cocoon Forms.

> If all enhancement requests are marked as such we simply don't include
> them and also don't include all bugs with "[Patch]" in their summary
> and we get a list of all open bugs.

Yes, but if you're only interested in Cocoon Forms stuff you need 
another query parameter, hence the need for a new Component definition 
in bugzilla.

> See - I added
> a query section


> ...Looks good, exactly what I needed. So IIUC we have to:
>  - get access to the "edit products" function or at least set up
>    a standard (organizational) procedure how we have it done (e.g.
>    email the right person at Apache infrastructure)

Yes, preferably get access to "edit products".

Pier seems to have the necessary bugzilla rights 
to enable this.

>  - create CocoonForms component
>    --> altough I don't know what we need this for ...

see above

>  - make it possible to have more than 6 votes
>  - move all entries from Wiki to Bugzilla

Yes, and keep the wiki page for general info about the roadmap

>  - give our users and committers some time to vote
>  - discuss on the voting results and set
>    up the roadmap

Sounds good

>    --> how can we activate the "target milestone"? That's exactly what
> we would need!

hmm...never used it, and I'm not sure if milestones can be defined at 
the product level.

OTOH a milestone ("release 2.2") could be another bugzilla entry which 
depends on the Cocoon Forms Roadmap entry, this would also give a good 
overview. Actually that would be my preferred way of doing it, the 
multi-level dependency tree is then very informative.

>  - implementation ;-)

Cannot help with this one ATM but it still looks important ;-)


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