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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [OT] Mac Laptops
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 01:55:03 GMT
On 8 Dec 2003, at 00:30, Gianugo Rabellino wrote:

>> BTW, Mac OS X is a Linux based distribution for the Mac processors 
>> with a
>> price included. They use KDE as the desktop environment.
> Uh? Come on Antonio, this is just blatantly untrue to say the least: 
> OS X roots are in BSD, not Linux, and KDE has nothing to do with the 
> great Mac UI... stop spreading this misinformation, or some hardcore 
> OSXers will start biting you. :-)

I swear, not biting anyone here, just clearing out some of the 
misinformation! :-) :-)

You're both wrong, guys... Mac OS/X is not based on Linux, nor on BSD. 
It's based on a derivate of CMU's original "Mach" kernel, which was a 
direct response to a architectural problem of the BSD kernel...

OS/X nowadays mostly resambles NextSTEP (Steve Jobs' pet project from 
the 90s) with very good ideas from PINK (Taligent I believe it was 
called, an alliance between IBM, Apple and someone else). My manager at 
IBM worked on that project, and he was glad to see that so much of that 
dead ideas were reused in the new Apple OS...

BSD comes into play only as a "POSIX" adapter to the intrinsic 
object-oriented view of the Mach-O microkernel, nothing more 
(basically, libraries and .h files).

KDE is instead used in Safari, the HTML rendering component for OS/X, 
but the entire rasterizing subsystem of the OS is based on PDF (or 
nowadays derivative of)...

If you need some more infos on Mach-O and similia, you can start 
looking here <> or simply 
email me privately... I started working on that kernel in 94 (i believe 
it was) when my university web servers were hosted on Next Cubes :-)


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