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From "Arje Cahn" <>
Subject RE: (Cocoon tools)
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 10:51:26 GMT
> IIRC, your own sitemap tracer trial never made it into Cocoon CVS 
> neither? So him copying some aspects of it is hardly an ASF concern 
> (nor is your point really about the copying, of course).

Actually, I made a small mess of the tracer trial, wasn't being particularly original or creating
a Great Piece of Art. I'm not concerned about it in any way. Let me please drop that part
of the discussion. It had nothing to do with the Cocoon CVS and I apologize if I made it look
like I wanted to disturb the ASF with my crappy little cocoon tracer trial. (Did I mention
it was shitty? It was! %-) ). 

However, what I'm trying to state is that there exists at least one person somewhere on the
globe (in Korea) that wants to build a tool for Cocoon. How can we motivate him to build this
piece of software in a way that is usefull for other Cocooners as well?

> About the tools thing: +1, but not as some cocoon 
> scratchpad/subproject/cvs module thing which is is sneakily slipped 
> under the door: if it comes to Apache and had been coded outside, and 
> it has little community, incubation is the only entrance IMHO. 

I understand.

> If the 
> incubator sucks, we should go and and talk with them about changing 
> their rules. About I'm all ears, if code and community 
> exist somehow.

I would really like to have a repository for
- Blocks
- Tools

Of course, we could drop these into SourceForge. But I would prefer because
I think it was meant for blocks (being small, functional Cocoon applications). 


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