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From Tony <>
Subject Beyond MVC
Date Sat, 13 Dec 2003 05:16:28 GMT
Interesting article pulled out of the blogosphere:

They talk about antipatterns in web frameworks.  Cocoon is not 
mentioned anywhere in the article, either, but it's an interesting 

But worst of all, aside from the obvious conditions brought about by 
our stubborn adherence to this antipattern, we must also factor in the 
ongoing opportunity cost of our failure to build a common, extensible, 
flexible servlet component infrastructure that meets the continuously 
changing demands of the market and is positioned to take advantage of 
the technological progress that is happening all around us. In the 
meantime, the main competitors to J2EE are capitalizing on the 
unreasonable complexity involved with bridging the web-persistence gap

And here's another thing which sounds surprisingly familliar... I'll 
let you guess what I'm thinking:

The interface-heavy design could also potentially allow us to swap out 
entire portions of the workflow or action subsystems at runtime and 
replace them with custom, more specialized subsystems that are tailored 
to our individual needs. Imagine: exchangeable parts for servlet 
frameworks. With Maven, we could dynamically assemble the framework and 
feature platforms at build time from specialized component subsets.

Hmmm.... *cough*real blocks*cough*

It looks like there's also some new web frameworks out there, one 
particularly called Shocks (Like Struts, get it?).

Has anyone read anything about Shocks at all?


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