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Subject Re: extending FOM? (was on cocoon-users: Re: Parsing Source intoDOM in Flow)
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 15:14:27 GMT
Guido Casper wrote:
> Did anyone else also feel the need to have something like
> processPipelineTo but getting a DOM

Yes, I use that quite often, so it would be good if FOM could provide 
some easier to use functionality for this.

We could have a processPipelineToDOM(uri, map) that returns a DOM. I 
would also like a processPipelineToSource(uri, map, modifiableSourceURI) 
which would simlify writing pipeline content to e.g. files and
repositorys. It could also be used together with the xmodule source 
( to put DOM  with
the pipeline content in whatether object that can be accessable  from an
output module.

Implementation details

In the processPipelineToDOM we can the avoid the serialize to output 
stream reparse to SAX steps by using the same mechanism as in the 
o.a.c.components.source.impl.SitemapSource. I.e. instead of using the 
process(String uri, Object bizData, OutputStream out, Environment env) 
from o.a.c.components.flow.AbstractInterpreter, we could write a
process(String uri, Object bizData, ContentHandler out, Environment  env),
that process the pipeline directly to a ContentHandler, that in  turn
could write the DOM, se the toSAX method in the SitemapSource for 

Something similar could be used for the processPipelineToSource, but  here
we would need some convention for knowing when a ModifiableSource  can
accept SAX input, before migrating to the Excalibur sources there  was an
interface o.a.c.environment.WritableSource that had a method that 
returned a ContentHandler for that purpose. One could of course let the 
ModifiableSource implement XMLConsumer, but that is a litle bit
unconvinient as there are so many methods in that interface, I would 
prefer to ihave an interface that just returns a ContentHandler e.g.

public interface SAXWritable {
     ContentHandler getContentHandler();


> or just an InputStream instead of
> just streaming it directly to another OutputStream?

Have not found any use of that yet.

> Guido
> Geoff Howard wrote:
>>Upayavira wrote:
>>>Maybe my last question was too specific.
>>>I'm trying to parse the contents of a source into a DOM in
>>>Flowscript, but am getting all sorts of errors. Can anyone provide a
better way than this (which doesn't work)?

I have not access to my code ATM but take a look at the loadDocument and 
saveDocument function in

That code can in turn be simplified to a few lines by using the toDOM  and
getSource methods is o.a.c.components.source.SourceUtil


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