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From Marc Portier <>
Subject [cforms] binding tutorial
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 17:35:36 GMT

I'm committing (just did) a new set of samples that should grow out to 
become a sort of a step by step tutorial on Woody's Binding features.

Basically I started to loose the oversight myself, and wanted to create 
some testbed that only focusses on distinct binding features one at a 
time.  Hoping this puts things in place again not only for me.  After 
getting some view on what we currently have I hope on getting into som 
due refactoring (repeater) and possible new features. (at which time I 
hope them to be some kind of regression tests)

I figure that if some wiki pages get thrown at it sometime from now it 
could actually become a full blown tutorial.

Silently hoping we could extend the approach to other areas of woody 
that can use a step-by-step explanation.

Comments welcome.

1/ I know the XML for case 2 is missing (trivial) but have to run now... 
2/ it looks like we've become way too lenient over time:
reading of not existing paths doesn't seem to yield a JXPathException in 
non-lenient mode?, I'll do some deeper investigation soon.
Marc Portier                  
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