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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Problems with ResourceLimitinPool and XMLSerializer
Date Mon, 29 Dec 2003 11:55:56 GMT
Can anybody confirm this?


On 11.12.2003 13:27, Tor-Einar Jarnbjo wrote:

> Hi,
> we are having a rather strange problem with a Cocoon based web application,
> which seem to be load dependent and we think we have found the problem 
> to be related to XMLSerializers not being handed back to the ResourceLimitingPool 
> when processing requests.
> We've added a few log outputs to the pool's get and put methods and 
> found, that at some point, Cocoon seems to stop returning XMLSerializers 
> to the pool (or at least does it only very rarely). As soon as this 
> happens, the pool starts creating new instances of the XMLSerializer 
> and this is obviously a very expensive operation, which among other 
> things includes reading files from the harddisk. This causes Tomcat's 
> thread pool to drain and in effect the system to stop working at 
> all.
> One such "crash" could look like this (with the pool size set to 1024)
> At 14:52:49, the pool has 249 instances created, of which 190 are 
> waiting in the pool.
> Within the next 30 seconds, only 15 serializers are returned to the 
> pool, but 205 are requested, causing the pool to be empty at 14:53:
> 20.
> At 14:53:24 another three serializers are returned to the pool, but 
> in the meantime 11 serializers have been requested, causing the pool 
> to grow to a size of 257 instances.
> The next serializers are now not returned to the pool until 14:54:
> 57 (90 seconds later). In the meantime, the pool has grown to 350 
> instances and Tomcat's thread pool is already drained, as the server 
> is not able to server the requests fast enough.
> In the following three minutes until 14:57:10, there are 80 serializers 
> returned to the pool, almost 400 are beeing requested and the pool 
> has grown to 650 instances.
> In the next two minutes until 14:59:00, the "tide" changes and there 
> are about 150 serializers returned, but only 50 requested, so that 
> the pool stays the same size and now has about 100 serializers cached.
>>>From now, there are again almost no serializers returned to the pool 
> and it reaches a size of 1000 instances at 15:03:00. We restarted 
> the server around 15:04:30 as it did not seem to recover from the 
> situation.
> Such episodes are now occuring about once an hour or so when the 
> server is running under high load. We have a load balancing system 
> in front of two servers, but as soon as one server "hangs" and all 
> the requests are redirected to the other server, this one will also 
> fail with the same symptomes within less than a minute.
> To put my question short: Does someone have an idea why this is happening 
> and what we could do to solve the problem?
> Tor

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