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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [cforms|important] changed semantics on all binding elements.
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 08:04:46 GMT
Sylvain wrote:

> Marc Portier wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Specially for those working on cvs-head
>> I just did a commit on the woody-binding stuff that introduces an 
>> attribute @direction on each binding element.
>> The value of the attribute should be one of 'both'(default), 'load' or 
>> 'save' and naturally indicates which binding-directions are active on 
>> the given binding-elements.
>> Important thing to note is that two bindings: wb:value and 
>> wb:javascript already had some @readonly setting that is now no longer 
>> supported.
>> After doing an update you will need to change your binding files so 
>> the possible use of @readonly="true" on these elements gets replaced 
>> by @direction="load"
> Haven't checked if it's already done, but it would be good to raise an 
> error if the "read-only" attribute is present, so that users are forced 
> to upgrade to the new syntax.

good idea!

I slipped in this with yesterdays commit
however, yesterday-night, I noticed that there has been some missing 
consistency in the attributenames:


I'm fixing to include a warning for both as we speak...

Just a question: I added a TODO-comment about eventually removing those 
checks again, any opinions on a reasonable time for having them?

Marc Portier                  
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