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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Apache account request: Daniel Fagerstrom
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:37:35 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:

>Cocoon has voted in a new committer. Please set up the new account.
>Full name:        Daniel Fagerstrom
>Preferred userid: danielf
Thank you Reinhard, and thanks all of you for your confidence in me and 
for all your kind comments during the vote. I feel deeply honored to 
become a committer in such a great project.

                            --- oOo ---

My interest in Cocoon started a litle more than three years ago. I was 
asked to evaluate if Cocoon could be a good replacement for a home brown 
XSP-like template language, (which funny enough also was called XSP), at 
the company where I work: Lentus AB in Stockholm, Sweden.

We (around 20 persons) work with consulting in the field of market 
analysis and strategy development, a large part of our business is to 
develop and run information systems that gather data and analyses what 
happens between a company and its customers. The central parts in our 
systems are large data warehouses stored in MySQL, and web interfaces 
for working with the data and the various workflows that are dependent 
on the data. MySQL where developed in close cooperation with Lentus, but 
that was before I started to work there.

I did some prototyping in Cocoon and started to lurk at the dev-list and 
a after a couple of mounths we started to develop our first Cocoon-based 
product (Cocoon 2.0 early alpha, thoose where the days ;) ). Now we use 
Cocoon for all our applications and we are around 10 persons who use 
Cocoon for building applications.

Making Cocoon an even better frame work for webapps will (continue to) 
be my main interest for Cocoon. Things I'd like to do are:

* Increase the support for building web services (WS) based on Cocoon. 
ATM, WS is to a large part percieved as a way to do RPC from one 
application (written in e.g. Java, Perl or C#) to another. I believe 
that document based WS will be a big thing in the near future, and here 
Cocoon fits perfectly. We will see more and more of pipeline and 
flowscript based WS developed "without writing any code" ;)

* IMHO the impedance mismatch between Woody and XML (and XML Schema 
datatypes) is somewhat to big, I'd like to do something about that.

* Making it easier to reuse and extend "default" webapps. I'm very 
interested in the parts of the "real blocks", that makes that possible.

* We have a quite sophisticated system for creating and visualizing 
relational databases based on XML meta data. Hopefully some of theese 
stuff can be packaged and refined so that it can be usable for others as 

                             --- oOo ---

Some background: My first programs, I wrote on a swedish Z80 based 
microcomputer named ABC800. I have studied computer science, mathematcs 
and psychology and tought various computer science courses at the 
university for a couple of years. Have also given various courses in 
Unix, C++ and OO in the industry. I worked on a flight simulator and did 
some human factors research at Ericsons flight industrial part. And then 
I have spent far more time than I would like to admit on writing a PhD 
thesis in Computer Vision, hopefully I will find enough time to finish 
it during the next year.

In my copious spare time, I try to forget what a geek I am by: sailing, 
snow boarding, kite surfing, rock climbing and training Thai boxing. 
When I was younger I was interested in stuff like reading and music as 
well ;)

                             --- oOo ---

Again thanks for voting me in and have a wonderfull X-mas. I'll be 
offline for the next week doing kite surfing in Egypt. After that I will 
start to flood the CVS ;)


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