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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [cforms] add lenient setting to context binding
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 08:20:29 GMT

Sylvain wrote:

> Timothy Larson wrote:
>> --- Marc Portier <> wrote:
>> > Timothy Larson wrote:
>> > 
>> > 
>> > > What do you think of adding an optional "lenient" attribute to the context
>> > > binding? 
>> > > 
> +1. I would even set it to true by default.

the top level is set to have a lenient = true
for the bindings deeper down in the tree there is the described 

unset --> no change
true/false --> set to specified leniency

>> > having just done the @direction refactoring I would even suggest to put this
also \
>> > on the top level (JXPathBindingBase) so all binding elements get this feature:

>> > 
>> Making it general sounds good.

I refactored the approach to introduce some CommonAttributes, it should 
be easier now to add more of those. (should have done that directly with 
the @direction stuff, but hey)

>> Do I pick up a hint that you prefer on/off instead of true/false?
>> Which should we pick for the lenient attribute value:
>> on/off, true/false, or yes/no?
>> The name "lenient" came from the JXPathContext API.  Is that the best name, or can
>> we think of a clearer name for the attribute? 
> true/false seems good to me...

and the easiest...
I wasn't really hinting

> Sylvain

I just checked this in, comments welcome.
(a bit awkward connected from my working spot here: I do have ssh access 
to but no IMAP connection to the personal mailbox, so 
sorry for late replies (reading through archives) and messing up your 
Marc Portier                  
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