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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Accessing cache validities from flow
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2003 21:14:09 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:

> Now, one problem I never solved related to the file system specifically 
> was how to do what I thought of as "wild card" events.  In a file 
> system, if your validity is built on /dir/to/your/files/myFile.xml and 
> you delete the entire /dir/to directory tree how do you fire that event? 

When doing the DB sample, a similar thought occurred to me. The solution
I favoured was to notify the change of the individual file AND the

So, for your example above, a notification for /dir/to would be fired
(since only a directory was deleted) but before, listeners register
for /dir/to/your/files/myFile.xml, /dir/to/your/files, /dir/to/your,
/dir/to, and /dir. Sure, when I was thinking about it, I had only row
and table to worry about :-)


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