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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: ssh cvs access from Windows
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2003 18:38:04 GMT
Timothy Larson wrote:
> On Linux I have cvs access via ssh working great, but I cannot seem to get
> it to work on Windows.  Would anybody with a working setup like this on
> windows please share their configuration?  I am currently using Putty and
> either WinCVS or TortoiseCVS, but I am willing to try other programs to
> get this to work.


I use Pageant and PLink. Pageant is a program that supplies private keys to programs like
PuTTY or 
PLink.  You can get them fom the Putty website.  I create a public key using Puttygen, and
upload it 
to my account and put it in my .authorized_keys file or wherever it belongs.  I load the associated

private key into Pageant.  After that, it all Just Works, provided my CVSROOT is set correctly:

I also need to put plink.exe in my path, and then set the CVS_RSH env var to "plink.exe".

After that, things like Eclipse or the cli win32 version of CVS work correctly.

If you need any more help just ask.

> Thanks,
> --Tim Larson



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