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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: Xindice 1.0 broken by XindiceEmbedded
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 15:53:24 GMT
Andrew Savory wrote:

> Hi,
> On 10 Dec 2003, at 11:58, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:
>> Xindice works with embed driver, so I don't understand why xmlrpc 
>> will not work.
> Xindice 1.0 or 1.1? My xmlrpc problem is trying to access a Xindice 
> 1.0 resource.

1.1, and that was about Upayavira's issue. I'll repeat, 1.0 will *never* 
be reachable via xmlrpc.

>>  I've not tested it yet, but I'll come to it too. (are you sure that 
>> the problem is with xalan, not xerces?)
> I was referring to Upayavira's thread on xindice-users where he says:
>> Problem is, if I'm using Xindice in embedded mode within Cocoon, both 
>> Cocoon and Xindice share an endorsed folder, but need different Xalan 
>> and Xerces jars.

See xindice bugzilla, 23098

> I've not got as far as establishing what the problem is.
>> I'm working on set of xindice samples. Obviously, this will not be 
>> possible with 1.0 as it does not has embed driver, only remote one. 
>> And time to 1.1 release will depend on success of those samples.
> That would be good - it will definitely benefit the xindice project to 
> have it deployed within cocoon and to have samples readily available. 
> But ....

My thinking exactly. BTW, Some basic samples are in CVS already.

>>> Or maybe split xmldb into xmldb, xmldb-xindice-1.0, xmldb-xindice-1.1 ?
>> -1. It is not *that* hard to replace xindice jar file with the 
>> version you need.
> I know it's not difficult, but the default behaviour of Cocoon (i.e. 
> working with xindice 1.0 without any changes required)

Cocoon *never* worked with xindice 1.0 out of the box. You had to add 
CORBA and all the other jar files in order to make it work.

> has been changed in HEAD. This is a bad idea as we don't know how many 
> people are using the latest stable release of Xindice with Cocoon.

We have to start moving forward someday, we can't always rely on 
(ancient) 1.0.


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