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From Jorg Heymans>
Subject Re: [OT] Mac Laptops
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 18:07:32 GMT
I would've gotten one of these a few months ago, but decided on a winxp 
instead because i wasn't sure about its "standard office compatibility". 
I mean can you easily link up to an exchange server? See windows file 
servers, mount windows directories, open/edit/save m$-office word and 
excel files (and all this without recompiling kernel, configure samba, 
edit config files or *purchase* add-on software).

Any real-life experience to be shared? Can one survive with these things 
when getting dumped in an all microsoft office environment? I don't want 
to beg for pdfs all the time when word-docs are being sent around.

Taking this even further off-topic, sorry.

Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu wrote:

> * John Morrison <> [2003-12-07 11:12]:
>>Hi All,
>>Sorry for the off topic posting, but I've been thinking about
>>upgrading my laptop and you guys have been saying how good
>>the modern Macs are :)
>>I was wondering if you'd tell me which Mac you have and
>>whether you'd buy one again :)
>>PS, I've never owned a Mac before.
>>PPS, if you want to email me about this off list; that's
>>fine too :)
> Must chime in. I "switched" a couple months ago to a G4 Powerbook.
> What strikes me most is my new-found ability to pick up where I left
> off. I've had laptops that knew how to go to sleep before, but never
> one that knew how to wake up. Just open the screen and there's
> everything just as I left it. I leave a line of code half-written
> and pick it up first thing in the morning.
> The G4 makes me realize the importances aesthetics, especially the
> aethetics of something I am going to stare at for 14 hours a day.
> That is is pleasant to look at also makes it easy to resume, to find
> myself in that space where I forget the computer is there, where I
> am just looking at my toughts.
> And its Unix. I'm in vim, in mutt, in bash, in ssh, in bash, in
> screen, right now. There are no Windows applications for me to miss.
> I use Eclipse for Java. The JDK ships with OS X.
> OS X politely patches itself from time to time. System maintence is
> nothing I concern myself with.
> The "it just works" factor is the trump. You will come to see your
> Macintosh as a shrewd investment. You will see the commodity-priced
> computing alteratives as false economy. When you buy a Mac you are
> literally buying time.
> Sorry, I know this is off topic.

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