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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [cforms] New Repeater Binding Semantics (was Re: CocoonForms simple-repeater binding sample?)
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 09:56:07 GMT

Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Marc Portier wrote:
>> - in fact it also struck me that the @readonly concept only allows us 
>> to choose between two modes of operation : 1/ do load AND save 2/ do 
>> only load.  Maybe we should provide a generic attribute on all 
>> bindings that looks like @direction and can hold load|save|both 
>> (probably even implement this at the level of the abstract base class?)
> I'm curious... What is the usecase for "writeonly" binding?

hm, I have to admit it was more an academic observation in terms of it 
being two equivalent methods that really do (should) not impose any 
assumed orchestration between both?

in any case this is not about the complete binding action of the WHOLE 
form where you can just choose not to call the load and save actions 
from your controller (flowscript)

it really is about having the possibility on the level of each 
sub-binding to enable or disable any direction in the event of load or 
save being called on the complete form.

so use cases coming to mind :
1/ not to be disclosed back-end info, e.g. password or visa

But I have to admit that my advise would be to make sure that the 
backend is not disclosing this in the first place, so if the back-end 
sets it to null then you _could_ safely LOAD that data anyway

so, the addition here would only slightly improve performance :-P

but I did find a better case to save my ass here :-)
(and I think it is useful)
2/ you want to preserve the original data and ADD the new stuf to the 
backend model

so at some level you would have a context binding for /root/something
with two nested bindings that alternatively work during load or save, so 
you can

load from ./original
save to ./updated

resulting into a backend-model with distinct

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