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From Geoff Howard <>
Subject Re: Xerces 2.6 bug (was Re: Build failure because of proxy-firewall)
Date Wed, 03 Dec 2003 03:42:36 GMT
Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

> Timothy Larson wrote:
>> --- Geoff Howard <> wrote:
>>> So, do we
>>> 1) Ignore the bug until a later version of xerces is released?  (the 
>>> bug is that the build fails without an internet connection due to the 
>>> dtd resolving in web.xml)
>>> 2) Roll back to 2.5? (I assume this would unfix other bugs?)
>>> 3) Use a dated version of xerces from cvs until their next release.
>>> WDYT?
> Either 2 or 3.
>> Just for your information, my first test must have been in error,
>> because my setup now works with just the rollback to version 2.5,
>> just like, IIRC, Bruno reported.
>> Unless there are fixes we need in 2.6, I tend toward just rolling
>> back to 2.5 until the next xerces release (option #2).
>> If anyone requires 2.6, then option #3 would be my second choice.
>> Lets not scare off any developers behind firewalls or on trains :)

That's the million lira question - did 2.6 fix other bugs in our cvs? 
Anyone? Bueller?

> I had to roll back to 2.5 today... On train... Lucky me had 2.5 in 
> another cvs (cocoon 2.2)

Hmmmm, I had thought this should only affect the build when patching 
web.xml (or other xml file with an external dtd over the net but I don't 
think there are any others ATM).

So were you enabling uploads?  The workaround if you're stuck on the 
train should be to disable the build-time patch of web.xml and just 
patch it by hand like we used to do "back in the day".


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