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From Michael Wolf <>
Subject frustration with cocoon [please help]
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 21:26:44 GMT
two weeks ago I was very motivated to implement a web-project with 
cocoon. Now I'm really frustrated with cocoon.

I was very impressed by cocoons control flow, where in my first cocoon 
project (using cocoon 2.1 dev), I was using the sendPageAndWait and act 

Now the act method doesn't work anymore. In the documentation it is 
still recommended to use the modular database actions from the flow, but 
nowhere is explained how it is done.

I've found pages in the documentation talking about a legacy script that 
  allows to still use the act method from the flow.

Then I've found mails where someone states that there is no need for the 
legacy script and one should be able to use the actions via the 
getComponent method.

But, of course, nowhere in the documentation is explained how to do it.
After posting in this mailing-list I got a hint how to access the action 
using the getComponent method.

But now there is the act method of the action with its parameters. 
Again, there is no information how to do this.

For two weeks I tried to get the modular database actions running from 
the flowscript as it is recommended in the modular database action 
sample shipped with the 2.1.2 cocoon version.

Is this recommendation wrong?
If not, how is it done?

I am really grateful for any help you can provide.


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