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From Christian Haul <>
Subject Re: Spaces in request parameters: Problems with raw-request-param
Date Tue, 02 Dec 2003 14:38:35 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:

> Christian Haul wrote:
>> Tony Collen wrote:
>>> Kai Benndorf wrote:
>>>> Hi Tony,
>>>> if there really is no way to get the encoded request parameter, 
>>>> although it's not very smart, we still have the possibility to 
>>>> encode the parameter anew. Is there already an existing  function 
>>>> to encode the parameter somewhere?
>>>> Regards
>>>> Kai
>>> Well, if we can't solve the problem correctly, the quick and dirty 
>>> solution is to manually re-encode the value inside the inputmodule 
>>> using
>>> Still working on it.. must have patience! :)
>> If you do this, please bear in mind that I made this module for a 
>> purpose: to get at the uploaded data.
>> The Request.getParameter() method unfortunately converts them to 
>> java.lang.String which effectively
>> prevents this. So, if you change this module, please check that the 
>> object is a String before re-encoding
>> it. And check that the upload sample in the databases block works 
>> with the modification.
> If it turns out that the un-decoded (raw) parameter really should 
> never be returned from the Request, then it makes more sense to 
> introduce a "url-encode" input module which would encode a given 
> string, including the output of another module for use as a valid url 
> in the sitemap. IIRC there have been users with valid use cases for 
> this with no way to automatically come up with the value. 

I'm fine with any solution that tries to maintain current behaviour as 
much as possible. Indeed, there
is a necessity to access the undecoded parameters or at least easily 
access  re-encoded parameters.
Mind you, though, that you might need to encode the parameter name as 
well! E.g "parameter[1]=foo++bar"
is not useful either.

So my interest here is to keep the way open for accessing uploads. 
Depending on a check for instanceof String
might be enough. A "meta" module probably cleaner.


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