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From Michael Hartle <>
Subject Re: System.exit() brings down Jetty/Cocoon
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 20:50:02 GMT
Hi Litrik,

> A call to System.exit(0) (for example in an XSP page) brings down 
> Jetty/Cocoon without any warning or error message.
> Is Jetty/Cocoon supposed to behave this way?
> How can this be prevented?
> PS: Yes I know that calling System.exit() is stupid, but our 
> Cocoon-based webapp is crashing intermittingly without any trace and 
> I'm suspecting that somewhere in one of the 25 third-party jars a 
> System.exit() gets called (for whatever reason). Hence my testing, and 
> this question.

I once had the issue that when using a JPEG encoding class contained in 
Suns JDK, an exception in a native class brought the whole VM down 
without any hint given. When hunting down that bug, I found that IBMs 
JDK behaved the same way (crashing), but at least provided a stacktrace 
in a seperate logfile; it might be worth trying just in case it is not a 
System.exit()-call that is taking you down.

Good luck and best regards,

Michael Hartle

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