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From Matthias Stöckel <>
Subject Re: Database connection from flowscript
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 08:45:31 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:
> On 28.11.2003 13:32, Matthias Stöckel wrote:
>> Hi Mariusz,
>> we encountered the same problem. Our case was a little bit different, 
>> but the results were definitely the same (>1500 open connection on the 
>> DB).
>> I think the problem is that the connection will only being returned to 
>> the pool, as soon as the continuation object gets destroyed, and that 
>> can take some time depending on your configuration. I haven't looked 
>> into the code yet, so this is only an assumption.
> Hmm, I wonder how it should be related to continuations. In Mariusz code 
> below there is no sendPage(AndWait)() and so no continuation involved.

I don't know if Mariusz used continuation in his code, but in my example 
below I used the sendPage function and therefore a Continuation object 
is involved.

>> Perhaps one of the commiters can jump in here and help a little bit. 
>> If I have the following flow code, I would assume that the 'schandler' 
>> object is not any longer referenced and can be finalized as soon as I 
>> set it to 'null'. Unfortunately this will not happen.
>> Is this a bug, or is there something wrong with the code?
> I can't see what's wrong, but I'm not that expert.
>> var schandler=new 
>> ...
>> schandler=null;

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