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From Thor Heinrichs-Wolpert <>
Subject Re: [OT] Mac Laptops
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 03:25:55 GMT

On 7-Dec-03, at 7:00 PM, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

I'm glad you like your Linux based laptop, the fellow asked if we liked 
our OSX boxes ... which we do.

But for the record I never stop my OSX laptop, so I don't have to 
restart, (okay for your 1 minute).  Then I don't have to restart my 
database, app server, IDE, open files, ssh tunnels, etc., etc., etc.

My clients are mostly M$ based and I have to work with them, so dual 
booting as you suggest would be more like a 30 minute switch ... which 
I'd have to do several times a day, not just when I show up ... but 
while working on Code, then reviewing docs in Word etc.  I have run 
Linux laptops and they didn't for me due to those reasons already 

So for me it is a better fit, for you Linux is a good fit.

For me my Intel laptops have always cost close to what my current OSX 
laptop cost, by the time I get all of the RAM, decent drive size, 
external connections like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, FIrewire, etc.  So each 
person has a different ROI based upon the work that they do.

For the fellow that asked ... he can use the info provided by both 
sides in determining his own path.

Thor HW

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