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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Forced pruning of continuations
Date Tue, 30 Dec 2003 20:31:11 GMT
Hunsberger, Peter dijo:
> New question on the design/capabilities of flow:
> We've got a data entry system with literally 1000's of forms that the
> users can jump to at any time, (they have a large system of collapsible
> menus that they choose various screens from.)  Since each of these
> screens is potentially going to be used for data entry at any given
> point it has to be sent to the user with SendPageAndWait so that we can
> examine it and repost it if it is invalid or call the appropriate
> business logic if it is valid.  However, many times the users do not do
> any data entry, they simply look at the screen and then go on to another
> screen (they may be just confirming data is already entered or they may
> be doing an audit or looking for a bunch of test values or whatever).
> This is fine, except as I understand it this is going to leave the
> continuation dangling within Cocoon.  We can't set a short expiry time
> for the continuations since many of these forms are long and complex and
> can take a long time to fill out (some psych evals apparently take over
> 30 minutes).  Given some of our usage patterns (examine dozens of
> screens looking for data patterns) I think this could result in a lot of
> continuations accumulating and potentially cause memory and/or
> performance issues?
> So, the question is, if we know the user has jumped to a new screen
> (with a different flow from the last screen) is there any way we can
> force all the outstanding continuations for a given user to be
> discarded?  We wouldn't always do this, but for much of our work flow we
> are in a position to know that we can do this...

Good point Peter! I think this is very interesting issue. I think there is
a kind of support in flow to do that and if there is not, I hope "flow"
gurus will add it.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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