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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [Woody] XSLT error
Date Fri, 19 Dec 2003 12:29:10 GMT
Hi Jeremy:

Firts, I am sorry, for not follow the thread before. I got the same error
some days ago (when changed the woody styling sheet). I solved it by
defining a diferent xalan as the XSLT processor in this case:

<map:transform type="xalan"

NOTE: In the sitemap I configured as default xslt processor: XSLTC and
because neither (xalan or xsltc) are fully functional (some bugs inside) I
switch between them as is convenient.

I know this is not the best but also using old version broken other parts.
We are in a XSL processor hell :-(

Hope this help.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

Jeremy Quinn dijo:
> On 17 Dec 2003, at 19:26, Hunsberger, Peter wrote:
>> Jeremy Quinn <> writes:
>> <snip/>
>>>>> The variable 'resources-uri' is indeed defined on each of these
>>>>> XSLTs,  which is IMHO unnecessary.
>>>>> The strange thing is ..... I do not get this error with
>>> the Woody
>>>>> Samples.
>>>>> First I looked to see if changing the Samples from using Xalan to
>>>>> XSLTC  raised the problem (we have to use XSLTC because of
>>> the UTF
>>>>> problems  with Xalan).
>> <snip/>
>>>>> The next difference between our project and the Samples
>>> was that we
>>>>> have a local StyleSheet called 'woody.xsl' which includes
>>> the woody
>>>>> samples stylesheet thus:
>> Have you tried using an import instead of an include?
> It does not help
>> I've definitely
>> seen errors on variables being defined multiple time in included style
>> sheets, in our case we could fix this, but I suspect import might also
>> allow this?
> First I tried incorporating 'woody-samples-styling.xsl' into my
> stylesheet by 'import' rather than 'include'. I still got the error.
> Then I tried changing the 'include's that 'woody-samples-styling.xsl'
> makes to 'import's.
> The error went away, but then the StyleSheets do not do their job
> properly ..... 'import' and 'include' have different meanings.
> So the only way I can get the Woody XSLTs to work is by commenting out
> the duplicated variable declarations in all but
> 'woody-samples-styling.xsl'.
> Is anyone else seeing this problem?
> Is anyone using these StyleSheets in their own projects without making
> this patch?
> Is there a real need to have that variable declared multiple times?
> regards Jeremy

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