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From Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu <>
Subject Re: Load Balancing web applications with mod_proxy...
Date Tue, 09 Dec 2003 06:27:12 GMT
* Pier Fumagalli <> [2003-12-07 19:43]:
> On 7 Dec 2003, at 17:03, Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu wrote:
> >* Pier Fumagalli <> [2003-12-07 13:56]:
> >>On 6 Dec 2003, at 01:22, Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu wrote:
> >>>* Tony Collen <> [2003-12-04 15:56]:
> >>>>
> >>>>Who needs cookies anyway?  :)
> >>>
> >>>Cookies will work. So will SSL.
> >>
> >>No they won't when those are created by sessions. The servlet  
> >>Container
> >>will set a cookie for the "/cocoon/" path... Since the web application
> >>is proxied to "/" instead of "/cocoon/" the browser WILL NOT pass back
> >>the session ID to the server...
> >
> >That's bad.
> >
> >There is a note here:
> >
> > 
> >N10005
> >
> >...about setting cocoon to ROOT, and a very helpful Wiki entry:
> >
> >
> Cocoon already ships with Jetty configured to be mounted under "/".  
> When proxying one should be aware of the possible drawbacks implied by  
> the process.
> >Would it be possible to write an Apache module that could
> >translate a  Jetty servlet session cookie?
> I don't see the point. It's easier to mount the webapp under the same  
> URI prefix as which it is proxypassed to...

I see that now, but I didn't see that coming in from my mod_perl
background, where I can proxy things any which way I want, where I
handle my cookies my own self.

The path I'm now taking is to create a minimal Cocoon webapp and
mount it at "/", then point DocumentRoot to the webapp directory.
Using mod_jk2 (or mod_proxy if mod_jk2 continues to chafe) and
*Match directives I'll sort requests between Subversion, Apache,
Cocoon, and other Apache applications like CGI or PHP.

I wanted to just drop a sub-sitemap under the provided webapp, then
I wanted to map "/" in Apache to a welcome page in that sub-sitemap.
How hard can it be to tell a connector about such a mapping? This
would have been very easy, and it would have allowed me to browse
the examples and documentation by going directly to Jetty by
specifying a port.

Creating a first Cocoon application based on one of the sub-sitemap
samples is less daunting then creating one to replace the base
Cocoon webapp. I can look at a sub-sitemap and see what is going on.
The root sitemap is overwhelming.

For someone with no J2EE experience, creating a WAR is not easy.  I
was hoping that my Apache experience would provide a solution.

Alain Javier Guarnieri del Gesu -

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