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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject [cforms] Repeater xml binding for unwrapped rows?
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 16:46:46 GMT
An unwrapped row is when the field elements of the row are not wrapped by
a common row element.  This can make it difficult to create the xpaths to
output the field values and <on-insert/> output to the correct location in
the xml file, especially if the rows are not unique.  Note the implied
addition of an <on-insert/> binding configuration element to the value
binding.  I think most (all) bindings will need this to work with the new
"union" binding and strict xml file mapping.

This can be solved by implementing a virtual row element which is not
output itself, but instead is set as the context element to collect the
field values and <on-insert/> output and then append its contents to the
containing context element.

Another alternative is to pre and post process the bound xml document on
load and save to temporarily add and remove row wrapping elements.
This would allow complex identification of row contents using STX or XSL,
but might increase processing time as the xml is handled an additional time
in each direction.  In some cases, the pre-processor would have to decode
widget values to determine how to match following rows.  This could get

Which solution (or both or another alternative) sounds better?

--Tim Larson

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