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From (Simon Mieth)
Subject [CocoonBean] recycle?
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 14:38:49 GMT
Hi all (Upayavira ;-) ),

i use the CocoonBean for a OfflineCMS-System,
which (CocoonBean) works fine. I would like rebuild
pipelines without creating new instances of cocoon.
For new pipelines it works, but for already build pipelines
it fails.

In my case, i added a recycle() method to CocoonBean like:

 public void recycle(){
   this.crawler = new Crawler();
  //checksums-test can be switched on/off
  //with setChecksumURI(uri or null)?

is something like this in CocoonBean, or will this break

With recycle() it works much faster, because cocoon is
started up already.

BTW: the Checksum and page-reporting stuff works fine,

Best regards,


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