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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: Ignore "annotations" namespace in sitemap?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 15:47:45 GMT
--- Sylvain Wallez <> wrote:
> Timothy Larson wrote:
<snip embedding files in sitemap idea/>
> Uh? What kind of "files" do you want to embed?

A small CocoonForms form or xReporter report may require several files,
such as a mini-sitemap, definition, template, and stylesheet.
When these files are small it is handy to be able to edit them all in
one composite file.  Currently the sitemap is the only file giving
trouble to this file count reducing shortcut.

> >PS: Don't tell anyone, but really I would like to do it the other way
> >around; use a stylesheet to extract the sitemap from a composite file
> >and be able to use the cocoon: protocol in map:mount.  This is a
> >"little" drastic, so I am saying it very very quietly :)
> IMO, this is a better approach than embedding "foreign files" in the 
> sitemap. Just use a "cocoon:" to filter out these foreign things and 
> you've got a clean sitemap.

I agree that map:mount with the sitemap being supplied by the "cocoon:"
protocol looks much cleaner on the surface.

I just hesitated to mention the idea because it opens up the sitemap for
syntax changes.  For example, you could code your sitemap however you
wanted, and then use a stylesheet to convert it to the standard syntax
on its way through the "cocoon:" protocol. The idea of allowing sitemaps
with varying syntax has been viewed as scary from a community point of
view due the the possibly reduced abilty to share code meaningfully.
While I do not hold this view, I want to be careful in case those who do
happen to be right.

There would also be issues to deal with if the files the sitemap depends
on were updated and the sitemap needed to be regenerated, such as which
external and internal requests should get served by which version of the
sitemap.  Usually this should only be a development time issue, but what
about periodic hot updates to a live server?  We do not want to open up
any security holes during a sitemap file update.

> ... or embed them in a <note:application-data> element!

That would work, but again it seems hack-ish.

--Tim Larson

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