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Subject Re: Caching Questions
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 22:52:58 GMT
Thanks for the explanation.  I am a little bit disappointed by the number of 
test cases, but I guess that means there is a lot of work to be done!  I will 
probably end up writing some for my project and contribute them.  

What is the upcoming caching work, if I may ask.

- Jeff

Quoting David Crossley <>:

> Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> > Jeff Dalton wrote:
> >
> > >1) Are there test cases for the caching system? JUnit CocoonTestCase??
> > >Are there functional tests, unit tests, etc..?  What IS there, and if so,
> > >where can I find it?  If NOT, then it will be a crucial part of my project
> > >to develop them and perhaps you can give me some guidance. Where are the
> > >test cases found? I see a handful of cases in the the .jar file in the
> > >Build directory.
> >
> > Ahem... I'm not sure anything like this exists today. But I'm certainly
> > not the best person to answer this question (ahem again...).
> The framework and some tests have existed for quite some time.
> I am not the best person to ask either, but i have helped to
> document what we have.
> Jeff, see the recent thread:
> The tests are under cvs/cocoon-2.1/src/test/
> There are no test cases for caching yet. We hope that someone can
> add them, following the upcoming work on the caches.
> --David

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