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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: whitespace cleanup and efficiency drive
Date Wed, 10 Dec 2003 05:24:21 GMT
Okay, i now have the cocoon-2.2 CVS completely clean of
any dos2unix problems.

Now we are not going on a witch-hunt or anything, but ...

I have perceptions that there are some committers who use
CVS clients that don't handle the linefeed conversion properly.
It would be good to find those cases and get them fixed.

Occasionally i will run the "find|grep" stuff and report back.

As for the Cocoon-2.1 CVS, there are still many issues.
Gradually i have been fixing it, and notice Vadim doing some.

There are two big areas that need conversion and i want to
do those as a batch:

How should i approach this? With the sitemap-viewer i can
probably just go ahead, but the webdav block potentially
has many people working on it.

Anyway, i am going to experiment with a Bugzilla task
to manage the line-endings issue.


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