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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Doco needs landing
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 13:14:29 GMT
Nicola Ken Barozzi wrote:
> >David Crossley wrote:
> ...
> >> What is worrying is that this one-person thing (though i trust
> >> Stefano to know what to do) will have no community to land in
> >> and Apache will spawn yet another new project.
> Well, Doco ahould be a glue that it to put together different projects 
> in a coherent vision. We have Slide (backend), Lenya (CMS), Forrest 
> (presentation).

It sounds like it will be a new project outside of the
Cocoon/Slide/Lenya/Forrest projects. Fair enough, that might
be the best solution. But where is the planning to enable that?

> Look at the Forrest community now. Do you think we are ready and willing 
> to lead such a design? Speaking for me, not now, I still have lots of 
> work to do on what Forrest does now.

My concern was not necessarily that Forrest should be doing it,
but rather that Forrest was born to do that, then lost its people,
then had to modify its dreams. Let us get it right this time.

Anyway, the Forrest community really does have all the Cocoon
committers too. So it could be done there if that was the
appropriate place.

> To be honest, Stefano has already told us about it and already got 
> feedback from all these projects, so in fact he is already working with 
> our ACK. Furthermore, there is no decision yet about where to place it, 
> or even if it will ever be something autonomous.

That was what i was getting at in the beginning of this thread.
Where will it live? Where can we talk about it and help to guide
and build it? The initial proposal was copied to many different
lists and it is hard to follow.

> What I don't really understand is that he is not using a public Apache 
> repository, like the Cocoon scratchpad, to do it. At least we could have 
> watched it grow, and he would have not been "slowed" with "community" as 
> he now likes to say ;-) In any case, he's free to do so if he wishes, 
> and we will see what to do when this thing will land here.

You say "land here" .... Where? In Cocoon? Is it just a block maybe?


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