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From "Leo Sutic" <>
Subject RE: System.exit() brings down Jetty/Cocoon
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 18:43:17 GMT

I have had instances where the JVM has shut down due to a stack
No exceptions, errors or anything - the JVM just stopped.

However, if you still suspect a System.exit, I suggest you grab a Java
and run it on all the 3rd party jars. Then grep for System.exit. That
settle your suspicions.

(I also suspect you can grep for that method name in the .class files - 
but I'm not sure.)


> From: Litrik De Roy [] 
> A call to System.exit(0) (for example in an XSP page) brings down 
> Jetty/Cocoon without any warning or error message.
> Is Jetty/Cocoon supposed to behave this way?
> How can this be prevented?
> PS: Yes I know that calling System.exit() is stupid, but our 
> Cocoon-based webapp is crashing intermittingly without any 
> trace and I'm 
> suspecting that somewhere in one of the 25 third-party jars a 
> System.exit() gets called (for whatever reason). Hence my 
> testing, and 
> this question.
> -- 
> Litrik De Roy

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