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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject Bugzilla as project management tool
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2003 14:45:18 GMT

After a discussion between Andrew, Betrand and me I started to use
Bugzilla as project management tool for CocoonForms and Flowscript. We
have the hope that Bugzilla makes it easier for us to get an overview of
all open tasks and this should also give our users a sense of when they
can expect a certain new feature.

I started with CocoonForms and Flowscript but other roadmap components
(e.g. Portal engine, ...) would be more than welcome. Please have a look
at where you
find some links to the roadmap and you'll also find information
concerning the way we manage our project (at least all the things I'm
aware of ;-)

So what does this mean for you?
Of course nobody is forced to do anything but if you want to support our

 - enter all the things you're working on into Bugzilla
   and connect them with the target issue
   e.g. I work on intercepted flowscript so I entered a new
   and selected "Flowscript" as the component it belongs to.

   Then I added issue 25284 as issue which is blocked by my issue.
   (issue 25284 is "[Roadmap] Flowscript - FUTURE releases")
    --> this means I don't know when it will be finished ;-)

 - if you don't find an appropriate component in Bugzilla (like core,
   CocoonForms, Flowscript, ...) ask Carsten, Giacome, Betrand or
   me to create a new one

 - if you want to comment on a certain issue don't use the mailing list
   but enter your comments directly into Bugzilla
   (for software design e.g. the way we developed Blocks the mailing
    list is still the way to go, at least IMHO)

If you wonder why we need this?
I hope it's not (too much) bureaucracy but

 - gives much better overview
 - reduces the danger of duplication of our efforts
   because two people are working on the same issue
 - people who don't follow the dev-list very closly
   can also get an overview of the current project status
   without having to subscribe
 - our users can vote on a feature they really need 
   (every user can vote on 30 features now)
 - good ideas don't get lost in the mail archives

There is always room for improvment so I'm waiting curious for your


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