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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: Load Balancing web applications with mod_proxy...
Date Sun, 07 Dec 2003 18:27:45 GMT

From: Geoff Howard

> > 
> > No they won't when those are created by sessions. The servlet 
> > Container
> > will set a cookie for the "/cocoon/" path... Since the web 
> application 
> > is proxied to "/" instead of "/cocoon/" the browser WILL 
> NOT pass back 
> > the session ID to the server...
> Pardon my ignorance, but doesn't that mean you can't use flow 
> with such 
> a system?

Why do you think so? The only difference is the continuation-id which
can be part of the URL or a request parameter ...
so I don't think a load balancing approach prevents flow from working.
The only issue open is the continuations tree which is stored in a
global component and not in the session. IIUC this is a problem in
clustered environments, isn't it? (IIRC there was a discussion some
weeks ago, Thorsten what do you think?)


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