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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Revised ResourceLoadAction posted...
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:26:45 GMT
Andrzej Jan Taramina wrote:

>I've updated my ResourceLoadAction so that it optionally will save the resource stream
data (as a string) in your session/request with a given attribute name.  
>The optional write-to and attribute-name parameters, if specified, will cause the ResourceLoadAction
do the save.  write-to can be either session or request (session is default). Your choice
of attribute name.  


>PS.  Sylvain....don't say I don't contribute back to Cocoon!  <grins>

Please Andrzej, stop yelling at me. I was just the voice of the 
community on this. I know saying this looks like an easy way to protect 
myself, but the results of the vote show how much true this actually is.

And I'm also very pleased to see that you keep participating despite 
what happened lately.

Technically speaking now, have you considered using output modules to 
indicate where the resource should be loaded? This should be more 
versatile than a fixed choice between session and request.

Ah, and one last thing: it's not useful to crosspost dev@ and users@ 
(and sometimes myself) for every message.


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