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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: [woody] validation error messages
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 13:27:31 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

> Dear All
> I noticed that when you use something like :
>     form.getWidget ("email").setValidationError (
>         new ValidationError ("")
>     );
> then the i18n tag output by setValidationError() looks like this:
>     <i18n:text catalogue="woody"></i18n:text>

Note that you can also use the second constructor which specifies if the 
string is an i18n key or the final message, i.e.:
new ValidationError("Bad input!", false);

> which means that any custom validation errors pretty much have to be 
> kept in WoodyMessages which could well be inconvenient ....

Sure, you're right.

> Is it really necessary for Woody to set the catalogue attribute in 
> this situation?

I would say no, but I'm not very aware of the multicatalogue i18n 
features. Isn't it possible to specify no attribute and have the i18n 
transformer search all declared catalogues?

> BTW. Is there a plan to add a generic form validation message tag to 
> woody? ie. not tied to a particular field widget.

A widget that would collect all error messages? IIRC, this has been 


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