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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Migrating TreeProcessor to Fortress
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 16:31:20 GMT
Unico Hommes wrote:


>>>Here the match element both represents a component declaration of a MatchNode
to the container _and_ a configuration element representing a child node to the PipelineNode.
>>Nope: the component declaration is in the <map:matcher> declaration in the <map:components>
section. This is where its class, configuration and all the component declaration stuff is.
>Off course this is not what I meant. I am talking about hosting ProcessingNodes as components
in Fortress.
>>A <map:match> is a _use_ of that component. Sure, it can be transformed in a
component declaration by merging in the configuration that's in <map:components> for
each use of a particular component, but you'll end up with as many different independent components
as there are sitemap _statements_, which will be a huge memory eater.
>Do you really think so? Off course there is some overhead associated with hosting an object
as a component. But today all statements are also represented by it's own 'pseudo' component
no? In fact it's very similar to what we have today except for that all the component management
will be taken care of by Fortress. As far as I know a component in Fortress is represented
by the component instance itself and its handler. In the case of singleton components - wich
is what all ProcessingNode components would be - the handler is a *very* lightweight object
wrapping the instance.

Sorry, but I'm a bit lost here. Aren't we mixing processing nodes and 
sitemap components alltogether?


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