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Subject Re: RE: Re: [IMP] Performance Killer and Memory leak
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 08:34:04 GMT

>> From:
>> If we remove the ComponentManagerProxy this problem is solved.
> I'm fine with removing the proxy, but can this problem be solved in the
> CocoonComponentManager instead? For example by making it aware of the
> proxy? Or by making it release the requestlifecyclecomponent via its
> originating component manager?

Yes I think this can be fixed but this doesn't fix the performance
decreasing if you lookup several components inside compose as it is done
for the InputModules inside the Cocoon Sitemap.

> It's just that we *do* have that code in there, and if you remove it,
> someone else will pipe up and say that "oh, why oh why did you break
> my application?".

I think it is not a problem, because lookup components inside compose which
are not ThreadSafe and are not released inside dispose should not happen. I
never found such code inside Cocoon or other applications.

> So I'm trying to find a solution that will fix the problem (and it is
> a problem), byt leaves ECM intact.

ok, may be using a "org.apache.commons.collections.MultiHashMap" but anyway
my feeling is, for performance reason, we should remove the Proxy ;-)


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