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From "Jeff Ramsdale" <>
Subject Double submit problem with Woody?
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 02:51:00 GMT
I was testing the Woody samples this afternoon with a co-worker (form1
sample, I'm not sure if it was the flow or action version) and received an
error that seemed to indicate a double submit problem. That is, I submitted
some information, clicked the Back button (or probably skipped back a few
pages) and resubmitted, receiving a stack error. We talked about the problem
for a while and then I went home thinking I could reproduce it and write up
a question about how flow manages state and whether it should prevent double
submits. Now, wouldn't you know it, I can't reproduce the problem! I'm using

So, any ideas on how this could have happened? As a company we're looking at
using Cocoon as the foundation for a rather substantial forms-heavy
web-based application but there are concerns about flow and state-management
as well as forms rendering and client-side validation. Any comments that
might help relieve lingering fears?



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