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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [woody] validation error messages
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:15:22 GMT

On 11 Nov 2003, at 11:53, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Jeremy Quinn dijo:
>> Dear All
>> I noticed that when you use something like :
>> 	form.getWidget ("email").setValidationError (
>> 		new ValidationError ("")
>> 	);
>> then the i18n tag output by setValidationError() looks like this:
>> 	<i18n:text catalogue="woody"></i18n:text>
>> which means that any custom validation errors pretty much have to be
>> kept in WoodyMessages which could well be inconvenient ....
>> Is it really necessary for Woody to set the catalogue attribute in 
>> this
>> situation?
> I think Jeremy it is a good practice. Remember not all of us develop 
> for
> the english speaking market. In that way i18n is good.

I am not worried about i18n per sé, but the forced usage of the 'woody' 
catalogue for what might be non-woody messages.

ie.  '' is a custom message for my app, not one 
built-in to woody.

However, I am forced to keep it in WoodyMessages (or a catalog called 
'woody' in the sitemap) because it automatically has the 
'catalogue="woody"' attribute added to it when you use 
setValidationError, which AFAIU you would use mainly for extra-woody 

> Also I think it is better to have all your error messages in just one 
> file.

I disagree ..... with Woody progressing at such a pace, my feelings are 
that it should be possible to statically include the WoodyMessages for 
built-in components (as a fall-back), while being able to over-ride 
specific messages from your own application messages catalogue. (As the 
Woody Samples do with "OtherMessages").

This way different collections of forms can use different message 
catalogues, but still have the built-in WoodyMessages as a fallback.

I hope that is a bit clearer ;)

regards jeremy

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